Friday 8 November 2013

Soccer Betting Tips: Betting tips & pick websites/system?

Soccer Big Bets Alert & Info

ibigbets is designed to track and measure the performance of soccer biggest winners: Big & Smart punters. It provides punters an effective and efficient way to follow and make smarter bets.

Soccer Big Bets Alert System

In real life, Europe Smart punters bet big and win by having edges. They need bookies to accept their consistently big and winning bets. Most European bookmakers limit winners. As the result, they come to Asia. Asian Bookies tend to look for info to win money from the 3 billion a day turnover market. Asian Trader get alert from their system when smart punters place their bets; created base on their trading system. ibigbets members will receive alert when Smart punters place big bets.

In the past 7 months, Ibigbets has succesfully traced 10,382  big bets and Smart punters won over 23 million. 2000+ Ibigbets users benefited by getting the info

Monthly Result

7 months: 23,054,499
Month Margin Result
Jun 13 20.5 % 5,242,594
Jul 13 7.8 % 2,092,217
Aug 13 5.7 % 3,200,014
Sep 13 7.4 % 3,418,663
Oct 13 4.5 % 1,918,842
Nov 13 10.4% 5,437,793
Dec 13 -2.7 % - 1,257,673
Jan 14 8.2 % 3,002,049

How to Use?

There are many ways to use ibigbets info. Below are some of the ways that are used by ibigbets users.
1. Bet Live
2. Follow high margin leagues big bets
3. Some use it as their value bet alert

Vip Picks / Tips

VIP system is built on ibigbets proprietary Big bets data. It will filter Big Bets and publish 5-10 minutes before match start base on current odds. VIP Members can login to view tips or sent directly to their email

Free Sign Up. Verify it Yourself

Ibigbets provide Free sign up which you will be able to verify the Big Bets alert. Currently Free sign up members receive 10 free 90 Minutes big bets & 3 Live big bets while Premium/VIP members receive more few minutes delay big bets alert.

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