Monday, 31 December 2018

Football Betting Match Preview: English Premier League - Everton vs Leicester 1/1/2019


Everton is currently ranked 10th in the Premier League with 7 wins, 6 draws and 7 defeats, one point behind Leicester City in this round. If it wins, Everton can beat its rivals in the rankings.

During the Christmas, the Toffees win 1 and lost 1, including the weekend against Brighton.Overall, Everton has been in good shape over the past week.

Everton, as we all know, is strong at home and weak on travel. The team has won 4 wins, 2 draws and 1 defeats in nearly seven home games, but the three win less matches all occurred recently. The momentum of the home court has declined because of the unstable defensive line.

Leicester City

Leicester City is currently ranked eighth in the Premier League with eight wins, four draws and eight defeats. The team also suffered a defeat in the last round of League matches, 0-1 home defeat against Cardiff City, Madison missed a penalty shot, lost by the goal in the stoppage period.

Before losing to Cardiff City, Leicester City beat Chelsea and Manchester City in an unexpected fashion, and even though they lost at the weekend, they did not perform so badly that they could not be underestimated.

Leicester City has won 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 defeat away from home in the last five league matches, and it is capable of playing away. The team played conservatively, with all five away games scoring less than 2.5 goals.

Fox recorded 2 wins and 4 losses in the past six matches between the two teams, and lost 1-2 in the last two matches.

Important Stats

  • Everton has played seven Premier League games, six of which have not won.
  • Everton has played seven home games in the Premier League, six of which remain unbeaten.
  • Everton have not won at home in the last three Premier League games.
  • Leicester City has scored less than 2.5 goals per game in 10 of its 11 Premier League games.
  • Leicester City has played nine away games against Everton, eight of which have lost two or more goals per game.
  • Leicester City has scored less than 2.5 goals per game in nearly nine away games against Everton.

Saturday, 29 December 2018

Football Betting Match Preview: English Premier League - Southampton vs Manchester City 30/12/2018


Southampton is currently ranked 16th in the Premier League with 3 wins, 6 draws and 10 losses, 3 points higher than the relegation zone.

The team has occasional good performances, but has not been able to last long. After two consecutive wins, the Saints lost 1-2 at home to West Ham United in the middle of the week and were equalised by their opponents less than 10 minutes after they scored.

This is the Saint's third home defeat of the season. They drew Manchester United and defeated Arsenal this month, and was not intimidated by strong teams.

Southampton's offensive performance has improved recently, with only one clean sheet in the last nine rounds of the league. The arrival of new coach  has enlightened Redmond, who has a record of two goals and two assists in the league. Among them, two goals and one assists were scored in the last three battles, and the situation was quite good.

Manchester City

Manchester City, which had a strong season, started to go downhill in December, losing three games in four league rounds. In the last two games, they failed to get even one point against Crystal Palace and Leicester City, which were not as good as them comparatively.

In midweek against the Fox, although Manchester City were first scored by Bernardo Silva, they were quickly equalized by Leicester City. City's sluggish defensive line lost the ball again and finally lost 2-1. So far, Manchester City has not had a clean sheet in the last nine official matches.

Manchester City, the most expensive defense in the Premier League and the iron wall built by Guodiola, played a key role in winning the title last season. But now it seems that this line of defense has gone down, pep must improve and come back strong.

Manchester City fell to third place, seven points behind Liverpool, after losing points in recent games. Manchester City also want to achieve the dream of defending the title. The first game of the New Year is a direct fight against Liverpool. Before that, the team must regain morale with a win. There is no doubt that the desire to win is there.

In the past, Manchester City have won four consecutive matches, including the first round of the season in which Saints were losing 6-1 at home. We shall see blue moon can regain the glory of the first round.

Important Stats


- Southampton has scored more than 2.5 goals in six of its seven Premier League games.
- Southampton has lost two or more goals in nearly three Premier League games at home.
- Southampton has had 15 Premier League games, of which 13 have not won.

Man City

- Manchester City have scored more than 2.5 goals in eight of their last nine Premier League games.
- Manchester City have played nearly 10 games against Southampton, eight of which have scored two or more goals per game.
- Manchester City have played nearly 10 games against Southampton, eight of which have won.

Friday, 28 December 2018

Football Betting Match Preview: Italy Serie A - Napoli vs Bologna 29/12/2018

Napoli captain potential injury and two midfielders will be suspended


Napoli's visit to Inter Milan in mid-week was preceded by unrest, while koulibaly was racially discriminated in the match, and he and Insine were both red card, resulting in the 9-man defeat by Inter Milan 0-1 in stoppage time.

At this point, Napoli's unbeaten record for 10 consecutive rounds of league matches has been overwhelmed. Not only have they been extended to 9 points by Juventus, but their advantage over Inter has also been reduced to 5 points.

The impact on the front is slightly smaller. After all, there is Mertens. The Belgian striker has only played 20 minutes in midweek. He is expected to return to the lineup

There is no need to worry too much about midfield and defend, because Napoli's home defense this season is reassuring. So far, seven of the 12 home games have achieved clean sheet, with a total of 9 wins and 3 draws. The home defend is very strong.


Filippo Inzaghi led Bologna home against Lazio coached by his younger brother Simone Inzaghi  in midweek. Last time when the 2 teams face each other, the  matches ended in a 0-2 defeat for Bologna.

After losing the game, Bologna suffered 11 consecutive Serie A no win ( 6 draw 5 defeat), ranking third from the bottom, two points behind Udinese.

Bologna have failed to score in last three consecutive league matches, which is closely related to the recent downturn of top scorer Federico Santander. The Paraguayan striker is currently facing a six-round scoring shortage.

Bologna, moreover, has no away game winning form. They have not won 16 Serie A tournaments (5 D-11 L), not to mention facing Napoli, which has a strong home form.

In terms of past performance, Bologna has not only lost all the games against Napoli in the past five times, but also lost 3-22 goals, averaging 4.4 goals per game, which is a huge gap.