Thursday 21 November 2019

Jose Mourinho to Tottenham a Big and Value Bet?

There are so many people who look down at Jose Mourinho job at Tottenham. All the people who have forecast this have win nothing in their life and i put them in the category of crowd bet. As warren buffet pointed out don't follow the crowd. We belive in  Bet against the public - Contrarian Soccer Betting Tips. Below are my

TOP 5 reasons Jose Mourinho is value bet for Tottenham

His star player is Kane and not Pogba this time.
Kane didn't win a trophy in his entire life but everybody knows he is one of the top strikers in Europe now. On the other hand, Pogba, who won the world cup with France and Serie A with Juventus, thinks he is a world class player but the truth is - he is not. I believe if you remove Pogba from either team, they will still go on and win without him. He is neither Kante or Kylian Mbappe from France nor Andre Pirlo from Juventus who are very important to their teams.

Jose Mourinho's style is for players with hunger to win. Take a look at Lampard, John Terry, Deco... and many more, changing hairstyle every week will not win them any trophy!!

For Kane, I don't think you can find any negative thing to say about him. He is truly a professional player who only focuses on his football.

His is out dated?
An outdated coach is only at second place to record breaking city. I think his style still works. Looking at the stats, he is still able to get the team to their full potential at his second season with all the club he manage. We can see where is Man Utd now to help us realize he already push the team to their full potential with the 2nd place finish. The different of the F1 car engine cant be overcome by how good is the driver. 

He been study for the last 11 months, may be he will find ways to improve in his 3rd year, which his team can only perform for 2 years. Tottenham only give him 3 and 1/2 years contract, i think they wont renew his contract after he win anything on his 2nd year and can renew it once he complete his 3rd year.

The team only can be with him for 3 years?
Ask any spurs fan if he can win the league or any trophy in the 2nd year and I don't think they would mind sacking him in the 3rd year. Because by the time, their star players like Kane and son will be almost 30 years old and another rebuilding should be on the way. Jose is not the man who is good at re-building a team. A lot of people are talking about style, philosophy for the last 5 years. What is the point if you think you are in the right direction but you win nothing for the last 5 years? No point feeling good about yourself without looking at your competition. Do you think Tottenham can ever beat Liverpool or Man City if you are doing the same thing for the next 3 years? Or do you want to stuck at top 4 for the next 20 years? Is that good enough for the club and fans when you have the best strikers in England. NO BODY likes to be born loser.

He always park the bus
His weakness is the strength for Tottenham team. The team has no problem scoring goals but they face problems on defending it.
Look at the stat above, France won the world cup by parking the bus. Did anyone care? It is only a problem if you park and lose the match. At Utd, his tactic failed because Woodward didn't allow him to buy winger like Ivan Perisic who is important on counter attack when you park the bus.

He always deliver for underdog team
At inter, inter never progress pass the last 8 of CL before he arrived. Sure enough, he delivered the champion league for them.

At Real Madrid, Dethrone Barcelona dominance and won the league in the second year.

At Chelsea, secured their first top-flight domestic title in 50 years.

Porto was in fifth place in the Liga (behind Sporting CP, Boavista, União de Leiria and Benfica), had been eliminated from the Taça de Portugal and was in last place in their UEFA Champions League second group stage. Mourinho guided the team to third place that year after a strong 15-game run (including 11 wins) and gave become champion next year.

His style and tactic suits the underdog team - which is Totenham's current situation.

He is the value now, I didn't think Totenham will be able to get him 5 years ago. But now since a lot of people has doubt, I think this is the best time to take him in looking at the reasons, portfolio and stats that he has.