Wednesday 19 June 2013

Asian Bet Brokers (1) - Big bets with Asian Brokers

There is an Unknown or less promote industry in sports betting world - Sports Broker that provide solution to Smart Punters, Big bets players or Betting syndicate.

As we all know European Sports bookmakers will  reduced betting limits or banned player when player start winning . Recently some Asian Bookies that looking to market their website as white label will do the same thing as well. As the demand increase the Asian brokers take the opportunity to provide their service to peoples which are looking to place Big Bets and better odds on games

In Asia, Credit limits are offered to customers based on trust and this allows Brokers to get the account for their customer to place Big bets. The brokers are remunerated by the bookmakers through stake turnovers Commission. The bigger the bets , the higher their commission.

Asian Sports Brokers strength lies only in Asian handicap betting only. As the betting limits is 10 times higher than 1X2 In Asia.

Saturday 15 June 2013

Asian Bookie Secret (5) - Referee

A Lebanese football referee has been jailed for six months after pleading guilty to accepting free sex from a gambling-linked syndicate as an inducement to rig a match in Singapore.

Sabbagh's lawyer earlier told the court that Sabbagh would be the "star prosecution witness" in the case against Eric Ding Si Yang, the Singaporean businessman who allegedly supplied the prostitutes to the trio.

Ding, described by Singaporean media as a nightclub owner who drives an Aston Martin sports car, has also been charged with corruption and is currently out on bail awaiting trial.

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Friday 14 June 2013

Asian Bookies Secret (4) - Asian bookmakers alone see a $2 billion weekly turnover;"Liquidity is the friend of the fixer. You can put down Big Bets without notice and without changing the odds against yourself."

THE WORLD'S MOST popular game is also its most corrupt, with investigations into match fixing ongoing in more than 25 countries. Here's a mere sampling of events since the beginning of last year: Operation Last Bet rocked the Italian Football Federation, with 22 clubs and 52 players awaiting trial for fixing matches; the Zimbabwe Football Association banned 80 players from its national-team selection due to similar accusations; Lu Jun, the first Chinese referee of a World Cup match, was sentenced to five and a half years in prison for taking more than $128,000 in bribes to fix outcomes in the Chinese Super League; prosecutors charged 57 people with match fixing in the South Korean K-League, four of whom later died in suspected suicides; the team director of second-division Hungarian club REAC Budapest jumped off a building after six of his players were arrested for fixing games; and in an under-21 friendly, Turkmenistan reportedly beat Maldives 3-2 in a "ghost match" -- neither country knew about the contest because it never actually happened, yet bookmakers still took action and fixers still profited

Perumal had rigged hundreds of games across five continents, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in fraudulent gambling winnings for Asian and European syndicates. He was finally in custody

Asian bookmakers alone see a $2 billion weekly turnover, according to Eaton. "It's now one huge liquid market," says David Forrest, an economics professor at the University of Salford in Manchester, England, who specializes in the study of sports gambling. "Liquidity is the friend of the fixer. You can put down big bets without notice and without changing the odds against yourself.


Thursday 13 June 2013

Asian Bookies Secret (3) - A bookmaker with recorded a turnover of £31 million in 2009 has been searched three times by police - Big bets

Officers searched the Wembley offices of  a Hong-Kong controlled bookmaking and gaming group, for the first time in November 2009. A second search followed a year later and the most recent was four weeks ago.
It claims to be “one of the largest licensed betting brokers in the world”, and describes its sports betting arm as “a very exclusive betting service” catering to “an extremely niche market”.
The Bochum investigation has seen six members of a match-fixing operation convicted for their part in the suspected manipulation of more than 300 club and international matches. Ante Sapina, the Croatian leader of the operation, was jailed for 5½ years.

The company recorded a turnover of £31 million in 2009, and lists three other directors of Chinese extraction, according to its most recently published accounts.

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Wednesday 12 June 2013

Asian Bookies Secret (2) - floodlights

On a Monday evening in November 1997 Frank Lampard had just struck an equaliser for West Ham United against Crystal Palace when the floodlights at Upton Park failed, plunging the ground into darkness and forcing the abandonment of the game.

As football fans in east London cursed their luck, 6,500 miles away in Malaysia members of an Asian betting syndicate celebrated a six-figure payout.

A month later the syndicate – who had "arranged" for the lights to go out – repeated their scam during a Wimbledon vs Arsenal game. But, when they tried for a third time, at a Charlton vs Liverpool match, their plan was foiled. The security guard who had been bribed to trip the electrics using a remote control told a colleague of the plan and he alerted the police. Four men – two Malaysians, a Chinese man and Roger Firth, the Charlton security supervisor – were subsequently jailed for between 18 months and four years.

The scam was the first and so far only time that an Asian betting syndicate has been proven to have successfully infiltrated a British sporting event. But, as Sunday's News of the World cricket story suggested, sport in the UK is by no means out of the reach of crooked betting stings which have their roots in the Far East.

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Asian Bookies Secret (1)- Big bets for matches with info?

Bachman said they had seen manipulation in more than 300 games in Germany and outside, from the country's fourth division "up to Champions League and World Cup qualifiers" and that "many international games were fixed".

It was suggested that the betting, on illegal markets in Asia