Wednesday 1 October 2014

Betting tips: Misleading article to use Microsoft Cortana predictions as betting tips

Microsoft's Cortana Wins Big on World Cup Predictions"

We're not really betting folk over here at, but if we were, we'd bet whatever Cortana is betting."

I think if you do that probably you will lose your car and house. This is the problem with people who don't understand the differences between soccer betting tips and soccer predictions.

Cortana predicted correctly 15 out of 16 winners for the world cup knockout round but it INCLUDE EXTRA TIME AND PENALTY RESULT.
If you bet, normally result only count until end of 90 minutes.

Below are the results from the last 16 World Cup 2014 knockout round games

Brazil - Chile 2:1 pen loss
Colombia - Uruguay 2:0 win
Netherlands - Mexico 2:1 win
Costa Rica - Greece 2:1 Pen loss
France - Nigeria 2:0 Win
Germany - Algeria 2:1 ET loss
Argentina - Switzerland 1:0 ET loss
Belgium - USA 2:1 ET loss
France - Germany 0:1 win
Brazil - Colombia 2:1 win
Argentina - Belgium 1:0 win
Netherlands - Costa Rica 1:0 pen loss
Brazil - Germany 1:7 Win
Netherlands - Argentina  0:1 pen loss
Brazil - Netherlands  0:3  CORTANA predicted Brazil loss
Germany - Argentina 1:0 ET  loss

The actual results for betting will be 7 winnings out of 16 matches in 90 minutes.

Some people might continue to bet until penalty, You will only win  4 out 8 matches that go into Extra time.

In penalty you win 4 out of 4 matches but you already loss your Extra Time and 90 minutes bets before you win your penalty bet. losing 2 bets and winning 1 bets back.

Beside that, Cortana mostly choose favorite team and the winning odds are low.

Predictions wise no doubt this is a good lab experiment but it is still far away to beat bookmakers at their betting games.

Please think before you blindly follow Cortana predictions and lose a lot money! - big bets alert and betting tips

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