Wednesday 19 June 2013

Asian Bet Brokers (1) - Big bets with Asian Brokers

There is an Unknown or less promote industry in sports betting world - Sports Broker that provide solution to Smart Punters, Big bets players or Betting syndicate.

As we all know European Sports bookmakers will  reduced betting limits or banned player when player start winning . Recently some Asian Bookies that looking to market their website as white label will do the same thing as well. As the demand increase the Asian brokers take the opportunity to provide their service to peoples which are looking to place Big Bets and better odds on games

In Asia, Credit limits are offered to customers based on trust and this allows Brokers to get the account for their customer to place Big bets. The brokers are remunerated by the bookmakers through stake turnovers Commission. The bigger the bets , the higher their commission.

Asian Sports Brokers strength lies only in Asian handicap betting only. As the betting limits is 10 times higher than 1X2 In Asia.

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