Monday 14 January 2019

Fa Cup Betting Match Preview: Newcastle didn't beat Blackburn for the last 3 meetings 15/1/2019

Blackburn vs Newcastle

Recent Form
Newcastle United are not good at away games. They have won only two of 21 official games across the season.


  • has remained unbeaten in the last three games with a winning rate of 100%.
  • has played seven home games, six of which remain unbeaten.
  • has played six home games against Newcastle United, five of which remain unbeaten.

Newcastle United

  • have won almost five FA Cup away games with a draw and four defeats.
  • have won 33.33% of the Games in the past six games, 3-3 and 1-1.
  • have not won any of the last three matches against Blackburn and lost all of them.

Luton vs Sheffield Wednesday

Recent Form
Luton has scored 13 wins and 4 draws in 17 competitions so far this season, of which 25 goals were scored in nearly 10 games and only 3 goals were lost.

  • has been unbeaten in almost 13 games.
  • last four games all ended in draws.
  • has not lost a goal at home in the last three games.
Sheffield Wednesday
  • did not win in four games.
  • lost five of his eight away games.
  • Last four matches against Luton, three of which were no goal scored.

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